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Newborn Baby Photography

Sweet Moment That Flies

Having a newborn baby in life is a moment to cherish. As  parents,  we are ready to take care of the baby from A to Z to enjoy every single moment that we could spend with the baby.  Such moments are best to capture with a session of newborn baby photography, where professional photographer put their magical lens and turn these beautiful times that can keepsake forever. 

Get your newborn portraits at home or at the studio

Some of the beautiful baby facial expression such as baby grins, drooling,  yawning, smiling in their sleep can melt your heart.  It is one of those moments that every parents want to save all of them in a collection of newborn baby pictures.

Contact us today and be amazed on how wonderful your newborn baby can look in photos!

Are there costumes provided ?

For newborn 8 days to 18 days we will use wrappers and blankets for the baby or shoot naked. Parents have to prepare at least 1 set of change of clothes for the baby.

For older baby, most of our costumes are up to 2 years old, these are available in selected studios in the Bandar Botanik Klang,  Bandar Sri Damansar and Sri Hartamas.  It may or may not suit your baby.  You may check out our costume in the respective studio props here.

We recommend guidelines as follows:

2 -3 sets of clothes for the 1 hour session OR 3 – 5 sets of clothes for 2 hour session

For baby girl, please bring hair bands to match with her clothes.

What should parents prepare for the baby shoot ?

For young baby between newborn to 2 months, it will be good to have baby comes in during nap time. It is much easier to pose the baby to take good photos.

Meanwhile, parents should bring some drinks and snack to comfort the baby. Bring some toys that the baby used to play so that the baby does not feel strange in the new environment.

You can also bring some props that are sentimental to the family to be included in the photograph. This will make the photos more personalized and meaningful to you and your family.

What time of the day is best for baby shoot? How long will it last?

For indoor, we recommend morning session for baby photoshoot as the baby is already well rested the night before. In the morning baby usually can be alert and in good mood during the photo session.

For outdoor, we recommend morning time between 7:30 am – 9:30 am. This is when the morning sun is soft and warm. So the family will not feel too warm and uncomfortable.

In general,  a photo session will be between 1- 2 hours as the baby will feel tired, cranky after being putting into different poses continuously.

What props will you bring for a newborn baby shoot?

For newborn baby less than 1 month,  we may bring basket, beanbag, rugs, soft toys, ribbon etc

Refer to our baby photography props page for more ideas.

You are welcome to prepare your own props that is meaningful to your family. It will make the photos more personalised to your family.

When should I book my newborn baby photography session?

Based on your EDD,   add 7 to 10 days for the shoot date.

Then, after  the baby arrived,  please contact us to reconfirm the actual appointment date and time.

Can parents and sibling join a newborn baby shoot?

Yes. Most of our shoot allows up to 5 family members.

During the shoot 80% of the photos will focus on the baby/newborn during a baby/newborn shoot.


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