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General Questions

1. How do I choose the right photography studio for me?

Bebe Photography has studios in multiple locations in Klang Valley. Each studio is setup differently and each is in charged by a different photographer, which have their  own style of photography.

Consider the following steps to choose the best studio for you:

1. Browse the portfolio of the studio or visit our Facebook page for latest work

2. Choose a studio location that is convenient and match to your liking.

3. Check on the promotions of the studio OR fill out a form for free quotation

4. We will reply to your email and inquiry within 48 working days.

2. What is the booking procedure ?
Photography studio is booked first come first served basis.

A 50% deposit will be collected during booking, your preferred shooting date/time will be reserved for you.

The balance of the price shall be payable by cash or online bank transfer on the day of shooting.

If you are taking 2 in 1 package,  the final payment is due at the end of the second shoot.

3. Can I change the package to suit my needs ?

We are unable to change the products and offerings.

But if you have special requirements, we are more than happy to customise a package for you. Please email hello@bebephotography.com.my or request a free quote from us.

4. Will you post my photos on the website and social media?

Based on industry standard,  photographer owns the copyright of the photos taken during a photography shoot. Therefore we may select some best shots to be posted on our website, social media or printed in sample album or leaflet to showcase the artwork.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to discuss further with us at +6016-212 2865.

5. What resolution are the softcopy photos when returned to us?

All softcopies are returned in high resolution for your keepsake. You are able to enlarge and reprint them in hardcopy. 
For commercial used photos, please let us know the purpose so that we ensure the photos can meet your commercial needs. 

6. When will my photos and album be ready for collection?

Standard processing time is 3 to 5 weeks after you have inform the studio on your photo selection to be edited.  If you would like to get your photos sooner,  please inform us upon booking.   Express fee may apply depends on how urgent your delivery date is. 

7. Can I pay by credit card?

We do not offer credit card facility in the studio.
Payment to be made in cash, via online bank transfer or Ewallet transfer. 

8. How many photos do I get in 1 hour shoot?

For 1 hour shoot,  there will be approximately 80 -120 UNEDITED photos or 40 – 60 EDITED photos. 

It depends on the baby mood or the number of family members in the shoot. 

Please refer to the package details for the actual quantity photos that you will receive.  

Baby Photography

1. Are there costumes provided for the baby photography shoot?

We advise parents to prepare change of clothes for the baby. We have a few costumes available in the studio. It may not suit your baby.  You may check out our costumes in the individual studio introduction page. 

We recommend guidelines as follows:

2-3 sets of clothes for the 1 hour session 

For baby girl, please bring hair bands to match with her clothes.

2. What should parents prepare for the photoshoot?

Happy baby takes good photos.  Parents should pick a shoot time that avoid baby meals or nap time.  A well rested and well fed baby will be more comfortable in front of the camera. 

Meanwhile, parents should bring some drinks and snack to comfort the baby. Bring some toys that the baby used to play so that the baby does not feel strange in the new environment.

You can also bring some props that are sentimental to the family to be included in the photograph. This will make the photos more personalised and meaningful to you and your family.

3. When is the best time of the day to have a baby photo shoot? And how long will it last?

For indoor, we recommend morning session for baby photoshoot as the baby is already well rested the night before. In the morning baby usually can be alert and in good mood during the photo session.

For outdoor, we recommend morning time between 7:30 am – 9:30 am. This is when the morning sun is soft and warm. So the family will not feel too hot and uncomfortable.

In general,  a photo session will be between 1- 2 hours as the baby will feel tired, cranky after being putting into different poses continuously.

4. What baby photography props are available for the baby shooting?

For young baby, we have basket, beanbag, rugs, soft toys etc

You are welcome to bring your own props that is meaningful to your family. It will make the photos more personalised to your family.

5. When do I book my newborn photography session?

Based on your EDD,   add 7 to 10 days for the shoot date.

Then, after  the baby arrived,  please contact us to reconfirm the actual appointment date and time.

Best time for newborn baby poses is shoot between 8 to 18 days of birth. 

6. Can Mom, Dad and Siblings get involved in the baby or newborn photography session?

Yes. Most of our shoot allows up to 5 family members. Please refer to the actual package for details.

During the shoot 80% of the photos will focus on the baby/newborn during a baby/newborn shoot.

Pregnancy Photography

1. What props should I prepared and bring to the photo shoot?

Consider to bring the following for posing in the photos.

–  Baby clothing and socks for the newborn

– Ultrasound photos from the doctor appointment

Anything you want to make the photoshoot meaningful to you and your family.

2. What is the best time to make appointment for the pregnancy photo shoot?

For 1st pregnancy,  between week 32nd and week 36th is best time for the shooting.

Else, anytime when the tummy is quite obvious.

3. What do we wear ? Do you provide clothes for the pregnancy shoot?

Our studios have clothes for pregnancy shoot. Refer to the studio introduction page for the costume design.  However,  it may not suit your liking,   so we encourage you to prepare 2 sets on your own. 

We suggest 1 light and 1 dark outfit for the session. Husband and children can wear clothes with matching colours.

Outdoor Photography

1. What is the best time for outdoor shoot?

Morning sun is the best time for photoshoot

We suggest to start your shoot at 8am or 830am latest.

Evening time though is suitable for photoshoot but Malaysia always rains in the evening. So it is not recommended to avoid rescheduling.

2. What do I wear for outdoor shoot?

Malaysia is humid and warm. So we suggest casual wear which are comfortable to stay outside for an hour. 

Choose a color theme that you like.

blue, green or earth tone which will match well in a garden shoot 
blue, black, white, yellow for a city shoot

3. How many sets of clothes can I change in 1 hour outdoor shoot?

Usually we take pictures as we walk along outdoor in a public garden, changing your clothes in a public toilet may not be convenient. 

However, if the garden is in your home, you may change as long as the shoot ends within an hour.

Why Choose Bebe Photography For Your Next Shoot?


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Variety of Props and Costumes, style that suits everybody

Monthly Promotion

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