Children Photography

Relax, Have Fun, Be Real, Be Kids!

Ask any photographers around you,  photographing children can be a real pain…hmm… maybe adventure! They are active, they are fast, they are busy, sometimes they are cranky, getting them to say “cheeeeeeeeeeese” and hold it for 3 seconds will never happen.

However, at Bebe Photography,  we understand that this is what children do. Kids are lively, fully energised.  We have it all figure out to take the real, authentic and big smile during the children photography photoshoot, by letting them be themselves!

4 Tips in Capturing Authentic Smiles During Children Photography


1.We do not need to force them to “cheeeeeese”. When we say that,  they will put on a fake look on their face.  So try to  avoid this during the shoot.

2. Let kids to be kids – Just relax. Kids respond better when they are playing with toys, exploring a new book or something that interest them. We just need a little more patient and try to follow their flows.  Once they started to warm up,  we will be find the good expression on their  face and be able to captured them.

3. Parents should refrained from giving instructions to kids on how to behave during the photoshoot.   It creates tension and it is unnecessary stress to the children that could cause tears and frustration.  Therefore, parents should try to control yourselves  and not to be too involved when the photographer is shooting the child.

4. Moving around is fine. Children portrait can be beautiful even when they are not looking directly into the lenses.   Allowing them to explore would make them to feel at home and be more cooperative to response to our specific request when needed to.


Are there costumes provided ?

Parents have to prepare change of clothes for your child. We have very limited costumes in Bandar Botanik Klang studio You may check out our costumes in the respective studio props here.

We recommend 2 sets of clothes for the 1 hour session OR 3-4 sets of clothes for 2 hour session.

Can parents join a children photoshoot?

Yes. Most of our shoot allows up to 5 family members. Check details of the package to confirm.

During the shoot 80% of the photos will focus on the child during a children shoot.


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