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Graduation Photography in KL and Selangor

Time To Redefine Graduation Photography

Graduation marks a significant milestone in ones life. Therefore it is worth the effort to take some time to celebrate this moment by booking a graduation photoshoot.
Traditionally in Malaysia society, many families choose to shoot their graduation photos at a photography studio with a library backdrop. This type of formal, serious, academic setting is found almost in every living room of proud moms and dads. It is also one way to exhibit some of the glory track records of the children achievements.

Features of Graduation Photography In Our Studio

Available for studio shoot only:

*Sri Hartamas Studio

*Bandar Sunway Studio

* SS2 Studio (rental fee applies) 

*Bandar Botanik Klang Studio

Available for studio and home shoot: 

*Sri Hartamas Studio

*Bandar Sunway Studio

*Bandar Botanik Klang Studio

*We can bring the backdrop for your homeshoot ( transport fee applies)

Graduation Photography does not have to boring…

Though this has been in trend for the longest time,  for the new generation, there is always more creative way to express themselves during a graduation shoot.   Take a look at the different fun filled style that we can shoot in front of  the camera lens.

At Bebe Photography,  our studios are very flexible and open to new ideas in shooting graduation photos.   We still do the traditional library  backdrop style as well as allowing you to express your joy in your own ways.
If this is the time for you to celebrate your achievement, why not add  a touch of fun in this memory. Above are some cool shots of graduation taken at our studios.  Which is your favourite?


How about rent a gown to shoot on your own?

How many sets of clothes can I change during the shoot ?
Each hour of shoot is entitled for at least 2 sets of clothes.  For a small family sometimes,  we are able to squeeze in another set.  We suggest 1 set of formal wear with suit and dress and the graduate gown in a library backdrop  if you preferred.    Another set without the gown and in another backdrop.  With bigger family ( more than 10 persons) changing of clothes may not be wise due to studio time,  we will suggest you to shoot in different backdrop.  Check out some of the studio for their portfolio.
Does every studio provide graduation photoshoot?

Yes, every studio provides graduation photoshoot.  But only selected studio has graduation gown and library backdrop as below:

Graduation gown is available at Sri Hartamas and Bandar Botanik.

Library backdrop is available at Sri Hartamas and Bandar Botanik.

Can I have graduation photography shoot at my home?
Yes,  we have a mobile team who is able to move the library backdrop to your home.   You can let us know your prefer shoot date/time, the location of your home and how many person in the shoot.  We will be able to provide our package to meet your needs.
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Variety of Props and Costumes, style that suits everybody

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