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Baby Photography Studio KL Selangor

Studio with baby and family in mind for a perfect shoot

Our baby photography studios are located in many convenient locations with ample parking.   There are spacious and professional built where an artistic photography shoot will take place. In the studios, we are equipped with:

  • Different backdrops of bright (white), dark colours and others.  For specific colours, please contact us.
  • Professional photography equipments such as best in class camera and professional lighting.
  • Library background for those who are looking for traditional graduation shoot.
  • Windows with plenty of natural lights for a warm and homey feel.
  • Comfortable bed or sofa set for the children, baby and pregnant mommy to lay their backs for a relaxing shoot session.

It is our objectives to create an exquisite ambience for all our customer who choose to have their pictures taken in our studio.   The studio is always kept clean and dust free/ smoke free.  We believe a comfortable environment will keep our visitors care free to express their happiness in the photo.


Why choose to shoot at a Baby Photography Studio?

  • Baby photography studios  are specially designed space to ensure that your family will feel cosy and happy in the environment
  • To ensure best result,  we highly recommend you to opt for natural light shooting, therefore it will be a good option to consider our studio with this feature.
  • We turn on soft music to sooth the mood of the children in a new environment during the shoot.
  • We also handpicked lovely props and cute outfits so that your child will look the best during the shoot.  Check out our Baby Photography Props.


What do you do in a Baby Photography Shoot?

  • When you arrived at the studio,  start to get to know your photographer by their name to establish first connection.
  • In brief, tell the photographer what you have prepared for the shoot such as clothes, toys or any special props that are important for your family.   Photographer will make suggestions on the poses and best way to capture the masterpiece.
  • Is there anything your daughter or son likes or dislike?   A quick note to the photographer will probably help to save the fuss for the rest of the shoot.
  • Prepare a few handy items to keep the baby fuss free.  Items like pacifier, wipes, his favourite blanket, etc.  can keep the baby comfortable while we try to pose baby in different positions.

2 Useful tips when shooting in a Baby Photography Studio

Best time to Shoot – In general,  we always suggest morning shoot session for young baby as  they are usually well rested and well fed right before the shoot commence.  Off course,   nobody knows your baby better than yourself,   we will follow your schedule.    If you are unsure, try  the morning sessions.

Bring own clothes and props – Baby portrait photoshoot will represent your family and your baby.  We want to make it as personalise as possible.  Therefore,  we suggest family to bring own clothes and props if possible.  At the end of the shoot we hope to create a work of art not all by the photographer alone but also we the collaboration of the family.  We wholeheartedly  hope that the beautiful pictures are meaningful for your family for years to come.

Why Choose Bebe Photography For Your Next Shoot?


Highly trained international and locally

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Shoot at professional design studio or at the comfort of your home

Props & Costume

Variety of Props and Costumes, style that suits everybody

Monthly Promotion

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