Big Family Photoshoot KL Selangor Penang

Multi Generations Family Photoshoot

Many of you may find the concept of a big family photoshoot in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Penang both intriguing and intimidating. Depending on the size of your extended family, the process can get a bit complicated but finding an experienced family photography studio is an important first step. 

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What is considered a big family photoshoot?

We would describe a big family photoshoot as one that includes 3 to 4 generations such as your children, your siblings, and the grandparents. Typically, this can easily be from 10 to over 25 people. Keep in mind that the more generations that are included, the more memorable and meaningful the pictures will be in the years to come.


Tips of big Family Photoshoot 

  • We have found that a little up front communication and planning can contribute to a much more successful big family photoshoot.
  • Make sure everyone knows to come dressed for the event 
  • Stress that all parties make an effort to arrive at least 10 minutes before the appointment. This will allow the photographer time to get familiar with everyone and discuss options for subgroups of the family members such as a photo of just siblings, or everyone’s children sitting with the grandparents.

Studio Location for Big Family Photoshoot 

big family photoshoot KL Selangor
big family photoshoot KL Selangor
Bandar Botanik Studio Big family portrait
Bandar Botanik Studio Big family portrait
Bandar Botanik Studio Big family portrait
What to wear for the shoot?
  • There are several ways to go with dress themes but keep in mind that you probably won’t want to pick a theme that may be unique to a current event or time as you will want the photos to age well as time passes.
  • Earth tones, blue jeans and white shirts are examples of dress that will never go out of style.
  • Alternatively, choosing a festival theme such as Deepavali or the Chinese New Year and dressing with a saree, cheongsam or baju kebaya can make for a very interesting big family shoot.
Can my pet join the photoshoot session?
  • Depending on the studio location, most of our studio welcome pets. Please let us know more about your pets and we can help you further on your request. 
Which studio can fit big family photoshoot ?

There are a couple of ways to go with the location. A studio setting does provide for a more controlled environment for lighting and staging. We currently have 3 locations to offer:  Sri Hartamas, Bandar Botanik Klang and the other at Bandar Sunway.
Some of these studios provide lifts for the elderly and have background options to support up to 25 persons. Please talk to us so that we can suggest the best studio for your family. 

Alternatively, an outdoor large family photoshoot can provide a scenic background such as a park or garden in KL, Selangor and the surrounding area.

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